CLUB Time Trial Rules & Guidelines

1. Sign on

  • Signing on, online will normally close 16:30 prior to the publicised event start time on Thursdays and 8:30 for Sunday morning 10:00 start.

  • When signing on please complete the form provided including a signature. If Riding in

the “Non-Aero” Category please write “NA” Alongside your name when signing on to aid

the timekeepers.

  • Price is £3 for members and £4 for non-members

  • The Race Numbers Provided Should be pinned to the Rear of the rider so that the

timekeepers can easily identify you.

  • Marshalls are also required to sign on

2. Event procedure & Racing Guidelines

  • Riders will set off in 1 minute intervals, with the first rider setting off at the publicised

Time. The timekeeper may at their discretion make amendments to the start time if


  • The events take place on Open roads and as such it is the riders responsibility to obey all

road rules including but not limited to ensuring you do not cross the white lines in the

centre of the road.

  • Club Members will Marshall the course, it is their responsibility to show riders the

direction of the course. It is the responsibility of the competitor to ensure their own

safety on the road.

  • The club Recommends that all riders wear Helmets & fit a Rear light in case of fading


  • Riders Should not gain advantage by following another rider in Individual time trials.

  • Event organisers reserve the right to alter the course or cancel an event on safety

grounds if required.

3. Competitions & courses

• Throughout the Season VC Long Eaton will Run the Following Events:

  • 15 Mile Hilly Time Trial, usually held on the 3rd weekend of March, 3 Laps west

Leake Course.

  • Evening Time Trial League – 10 & 25 Mile time trials taking place on Thursday

evenings April through August. 10 Mile Time Trials will be held on the West Leake or

Kingston Course.

  • 25-mile time trials will be held on the West Leake 25 Course 4 3/4 laps.

  • 2 up 10 Mile time Trial, 1st Thursday evening in July, Kingston to East Leake.

  • Hill Climb & freewheel, usually held on the 1st Thursday evening in September,

Quarry hill Sandiacre.

  • Open 25 or 10 mile TT event held on an open course TBA

4. Leagues & Scoring.

• Evening Time Trial League. Points will be awarded to club Members in the following

manner for each event entered where the fastest time achieved is the winner. 1st – 100

pts 2nd 99 pts 3rd 98 pts e.t.c down to the final finisher.

• 10 Mile Handicap Points. Each Rider has a handicap Calculated by deducting 21 Minutes

from your personal best time. This time is then deducted from your finishing time to

provide you with a “Handicap time” these are then ranked and will score points as

follows 1

st – 100 pts 2nd 99 pts 3rd 98 pts e.t.c down to the final finisher. Where a rider

beats his personal best the handicap time will be adjusted for the following week.

E.g Rider X PB is 26.00 and rides 26.30, their handicap is 5 minutes, so their handicap time

will be 21.30 Rider Z PB is

26.00 and rides 25.30, their handicap time would be 20.30. their handicap would then be

reduced to 4.30.

• 25 Mile Handicap Points, this works the same manner as the 10 mile league, however

the handicap is calculated by deducting 52:30 Minutes.

• “Non-Aero” or “retro” cup,

Points are awarded here in the same manner as the overall Evening league. To be Classified

as Non-Aero, Bikes must not be fitted with Time trial or triathlon style handlebars, wheels

must not have a rim depth of more than 60MM, & riders must not wear a Teardrop shaped

aero helmet


• As a Club we are required to provide at least 1 marshal per event, to mark the direction

of the course to riders and to draw drivers attention to the event to aid safety. Marshals

must not direct traffic & any advice given to Riders is done so at the marshals discretion.

• Club Members taking part in the time trials are expected to volunteer to marshal once

during the season. Please fill in the online form to volunteer to marshal.

• Any club member who has taken part in the evening Time trials during the Season but

not marshalled Will have their best points deducted from their league Score. N.B this

does not apply to the 2up as this does not count towards the TT league.

• Marshals must sign on in order that it can be identified that they have marshalled.

• If you have not marshalled and all required marshal spaces have been filled you may still

marshal, any additional marshals are always useful.

6. Results

  • Results will be available on the night from the timekeeper after the event.

  • Don't bother the timekeeper while timekeeping.

  • A full results list will be posted online following each event.